answer the following questions, giving each source equal treatment:
– Precisely which Enlightenment principles do de Gouges and Cugoano draw on in their arguments? Note that for citing the Enlightenment principles that you need to discuss here, you must use ONLY the Crash Course videos and the lecture casts for the fourth content quiz. For each Enlightenment principle, you claim to find in the primary sources, be sure to document
a) where you found it in the primary source (i.e., cite the page/paragraph # OR quote)
b) where you learned about the Enlightenment principle in the course materials (i.e., cite the Crash Course video, lecture cast, etc.).
Also note that especially for these questions, you should focus on exactly what the primary sources *show.*
– Make sure that your analysis reads like an essay. Fold your answers into a coherent essay that answers the question: in these excerpts, how did de Gouges and Cugoano draw on Enlightenment principles to make arguments that were seen as radical even by many fans of the Enlightenment?
In writing this assignment, you do not need to consult any outside sources to answer the questions.
All crash courses are accessible on youtube, outlined titles in lecture notes doc.