this is a letter of intent to transfer to chemical engineering course. I am Psychology student, planning to transfer to engineering. The letter should highlight that engineering is my first love, and that 2 years in taking Psychology has been enough to made me realize that graduating college isn’t only about having a degree and graduating early, but it is sweeter when it is done out of passion.
the letter should also highlight the qualities I possess–I am excellent in Math and Science subject and my love for engineering is immeasurable. I used to join quiz bees in high school.
I have the ability to make things easy. I have been a working-student for 3 years, and I always make the best effort to work wiser and make things easier in the workplace–and I this is how I personally belive an engineer should think.
I am efficient and entusiastic–although I always try to make things easier, I don’t compromise the work. I have always strive to have a faster yet productive results.