The attachment below is just an example of how Professor wants it laid out
There needs to be 5 of the entries are to be from refereed, scholarly/academic journals or periodicals
And 5 of the entries are to be monographs or books from an academic or university press.
Only 3 popular publications will be accepted for this assignment, e.g. newspapers and magazines, including online blogs, posts, editorials, opinion pieces, commentaries, wikis, and encyclopedias are also not acceptable.
You may, and should use electronic databases
Each of the annotations should be approximately three- 5 sentences. Do not copy an abstract and insert it as your annotation. annotation needs only be a summary in nature.
Additionally, the resources that you choose should represent more than one disciplinary perspective.
A header with your name and the course title
A clear statement of your research question, problem, or issue in 1 or 2 sentences.
10 properly formatted citations fulfilling the requirements listed above.
My topics:
My specific disciplines I’m perusing is Biology, Behavioral Health, Physiology in the Black community, and a little of public health. I have a particular concentration of the Brain in a more behavioral aspect with a driving question: Is the brain development due to the lack of clinical resources, environmental setting, resourceful education altering the mental state of the brain in the African American community causing mental health and can this be change?