Term paper involves critical thinking. Please note that a term paper is not simply an informed
summary of a topic. It needs to develop thoughts while maintaining quality writing and academic
honesty. The course instructor will be happy involve in your project development.
▪ A 6-10-page (12 pt. font & 1” margin) paper summary related to the selected topic is
required. ▪ For writeup, please use your own words. Do not copy paste from online or other
sources without proper citation or credit to the sources.
Project paper must include all sources citing using APA (preferably) or MLA format.
Academic Format (MLA or APA format)
As in the technical paper, the development of a critical/review paper should be simple, clear and
self-contained. The language and state-of-art presentation should be very strong in a review paper.
The headings or sub-headings of a technical paper may differ depending on the objectives, research
methodology and other points of focus of the paper. The following format can be considered as a
guideline for writing a review paper:
Research Approach:
▪ First summarize a set of papers which you are going to critically review,
▪ Find out the common points of discussion of all these papers.
▪ Classify the major points/issues that these papers discussed frequently or categorically.
Research Direction, Materials, and Writing Style:
The summary procedure and collection of the common points of discussion should lead to
understand to issues that are missing, (or were not addressed adequately by the researchers in the past).
Focus here is to direct discussion toward the missing or unaddressed issues. Presumably, a
reader reads a survey paper to understand or to get a feel about the subject’s present state-ofthe-art, philosophical issues in this subject area, and some directions for future research.
A good survey/critical paper should report both past and present results available in the field. A
comparative study of the models, in terms of tables, figure, mathematical formulas or closed
form solutions, etc. compiled from different sources should be reported in compact form. The
writing style of a review papers should be captivating with lucid presentation and language.
Writing Format:
Major points or issues should be the guidelines for discussion in the paper.
i. Introduction
ii. The problem
Write what aspects you want to cover.
iii. Related general literature
Identify deficiency, and specify the objectives of the paper
iv. Organization of the paper
Write a paragraph on what section covers what
v. Categorize the material section-wise
a. Section name: name each section, based on the findings from summary.
b. Section Description: discuss the related issues of each section addressing the
comments, comparison, or critically examining the findings; (a poor survey is
vi. Computational or Comparative Results
vii. Implication of the Research Results