Students will select from the three possible categories and write ONE short (i.e., about 2­-3 pages, double-spaced) papers on topics from course material. Choose topics from the topic list attached to this syllabus that are meaningful to you and have applicability to future teaching or other profession. They will be graded on the quality of the four required components (see below), completeness and correctness of concept explanation, depth of discussion, and thoughtfulness of response. Please bring a paper copy to class. The structure of each paper should be
FOUR parts:
1. First, fully explain or define the concept.
2. Second, describe what the concept looks like (an example) based on your personal experience.
3. Third, discuss how you will apply that concept in your teaching or professional life. Be specific! This is often a difficult but important step. Even if you are not planning to teach, take the leap and create scenarios or make up examples of how the concept could be applied in your own life.
4. Fourth, evaluate the importance of this concept to the field of education. Judge why and how it is of value to teachers and students in classroom settings.