Sources to Use: Essay and footnotes
in your Study Bible pages (uploaded), a bible dictionary, and two commentaries.
*Must be a scholarly source
*Do not
use sources published before 1970
*Do not
use random internet searches
Identify your sources with in-text citations
Include a bibliography, using MLA format
First, read the passage carefully. Address each
bullet point. A generic example and grading rubric have been uploaded for reference.
Read Mark intro essay and 5:21-43 (marked by hot pink flags) uploaded
of Questions to answer:
1. Are John Mark and Mark the same person?
2. What about the
“author’s style” suggests that Greek was not the author’s first
3. Augustine- How
does Mark’s missing content and lack of polish, unlike other gospels, make
Augustine think that Mark was an abbreviation for Mathew?
4. History of
Jesus- If Mark contains the history of Jesus, as several scholars claim, why
does the book omit the birth of Jesus or explain a miraculous beginning of his
5. Confounding
teachings- Jesus offered confounding teachings, yet even his
disciples failed to understand. Why?
6. What is the
significance of Jesus’ healing abilities in this book?
7. Earliest written gospel- What evidence proves that Mark was
written earlier than other gospels?
the context of the passage. Context does not mean “summarize.” What is the genre of the book your passage
comes from? What can your sources tell you about the history, the
socio-political context? Are people in trouble? Why? And so on. (see the next
page for an example how to answer this prompt.)