RTL 3310 Final Styling Analysis Portfolio Instruction & Rubric
Styling Analysis Portfolio: Each student should be required to create a styling analysis portfolio. You will develop your portfolio on PowerPoint Slides. You need to include two sections: 1) Styling Journals; and 2) Celebrity Styling Analysis.
For Section I [Styling Journals], you can insert all your journals (#1-5) which you wrote throughout the semester on the PPT slides. Please see the template to organize your journals on PPT.
For Section II [Celebrity Styling Analysis], You can choose a celebrity who you want to analyze their styles. Then choose one category (e.g., such as styles, colors, and silhouettes) and analyze celebrity’s styles based on this category. You need to provide at least three sub-categories and analyze them (e.g., if you choose styles as a category, 1) romantic; 2) classic; 3) sporty can be three sub-categories).
For this section II, you should include PPT slides of:
1. Celebrity information
2. Category explanation (e.g., styles, colors, and silhouettes)
a. Sub-category1withpicturesandexplanation b. Sub-category2withpicturesandexplanation
c. Sub-category 3 with pictures and explanation
d. Choosethebestsub-categoryforthecelebrityandexplainwhy
3. References