Read Matt de la Pena’s “Why We Shouldn’t Shield Children from Darkness” and Kate DiCamillo’s “Why Children’s Books Should be a Little Sad” and ONE of the following prompts:
Should children be shielded or not from what is going on around them?
Is there an appropriate way to talk about death or parental conflict to a child?
What life experience(s) should children be kept from?
Do you think children benefit most from reading about an event or occurrence or hearing about it from a loved one?
Guidelines and Suggestions:
3-5 pages not counting your Works Cited page
Works Cited page
MLA format
Use your sources 3-5 times. When you use the sources for the first time, make sure to refer to the author(s) by his/her first and last name(s) and his/her text’s name. After that, refer to the author(s) by his/her last name or the word author or writer.
Use only the source(s) you are given unless otherwise instructed
Use 3rd person
Use present verb tense
Use different sentence length and type: S, CP, CX and CC
Watch for F, CS, and RO
Provide a strong thesis statement
Every body paragraph need to have its own topic sentence
Address one issue at a time in each paragraph
Use the quote sandwich: Introduce the quote, provide the quote, and analyze the quote
No announcements: This essay will address, I just want to say, in conclusions, etc.
Use transitions all the way through
Eliminate excessive grammar and sentence structure issues