please write a research paper on the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for children suffering from anxiety and mood disorders.
Length: I will be expecting about 7 pages of content. In other words, this does not include the cover page, references, or graphs and charts. If your topic is focused and specific you should not have trouble finding enough to write about in 7 pages.
Sources: Minimum 3 peer reviewed research articles. If you cite other sources, don’t use them for the bulk of your paper and make sure they are credible.
Regarding sources: yes, as Lane (2021) said, you must mention your sources in the content! Every time you quote anything from a source make sure to cite it (Lane, 2021).
Remember that any time you are taking information from a source, you need to rephrase it in your own words. The people who wrote the papers you are reading worked hard to write their papers, they worked to say what they wanted to say just right. So their words belong to them. When rewriting their concepts, make sure to use your own words. If you want to use their words, use quotation marks around it to show that it is their words.
attached are the articles that i must include in my research paper.