or each response paper (the guidelines remain the same for all four papers, just the content changes), please choose one chapter from the assigned reading, i.e., either The Undocumented Americans or We Still Here, depending on the week.
In the first part of the paper, please write about the author’s main points in that chapter (or even part of the chapter as there is a lot of information). Then, in the second part of the paper, please respond to these key points, e.g., What spoke to you in this chapter and why? What did you learn about social justice after reading this chapter? Why is it necessary to pay attention to social injustice and work for a better society? What can we do collectively to create this better society?
Please be sure that your paper is two full pages but no longer than two pages. Please be sure that your paper has a proper introduction, conclusion, and a Works Cited section (you may list this on the third page). You must properly quote and cite all material that has been taken from the author of the chapter. You must use quote marks and include an in-text citation, e.g., “One morning, outside a worker center, some day laborers came to me to talk about why I was there” (Villavicencio 28).
citation source given