In order to complete this case assignment, you will execute the following.
Read the case study on Zappos found in Chapter 14 at the end of the chapter.
Answer the following case questions.
What was Tony Hsieh’s goal regarding organization culture when he became co-CEO of Zappos? Did he achieve the goal and is it sustainable?
Evaluate how the functions of organizational culture are implemented at Zappos (strengths and weaknesses).
What type of organizational culture does Zappos have? Explain your answer using course concepts and other support evidence.
Provide at least two additional references to support your analysis of the case questions. This does not include the textbook. Be sure to cite your source within your posting and create a reference list at the end.
Minimum of 600-800 words for this case study analysis.
Criteria for Success:
A successful case assignment will have the following characteristics:
Student identifies, analyzes, applies, and makes judgments about points related to the topic and applies knowledge and understanding of concepts and/or theories to assignments.
Responses included excellent academic research-based support references and examples from legitimate sources of information.
Responses are very well organized. Paper is fluent and easy to read.
Model document of APA 7th edition: Correct punctuation, citation, format of each reference