Compare-Contrast Essay Safe Assignment
Percentage: 10
Word Count: 750-1000
1. For this essay, choose two topics to compare or contrast (primarily doing one or the other).
You may pick one of the following reasons to compare them:
a. Showing a superior choice in some mode of consideration
b. Highlighting the distinction between one option and another in order to demonstrate that they are not the same.
c. Highlighting the similarities to prove that two subjects are far more similar that people might give them credit for.
d. Demonstrating how something has improved, evolved, changed, or degraded from a previous version.
2. You must choose between the Block Format and the Point by Point Format.
3. Have at least 3 points of discussion (bases of comparison)
4. Remember, you are not Comparing and Contrasting! You are Comparing or Contrasting in an essay. The and is only for research phases.
*5. Examples of Comparing or Contrasting topics (you are not limited to this list):
a. Two movies
b. Two types of break-ups
c. Two methods of child rearing
d. Two types of holidays
e. Two religions
f. An original method of communicating vs. a newer method of communicating
g. Two types of food preparation
h. Two types of friends
i. two types of illness
j. two types of teachers
*these are just ideas, so feel free to talk about all sorts of things!
When deciding upon a topic…
think of something that is worth comparing or contrasting. There are
lots of similarities and differences out there, but that doesn’t mean
they are worth reading.
think about two subjects that would actually be valuable to put
side-by-side. If the similarities and/or differences are obvious to even
a passing glance, then the essay really isn’t worth writing since it
wouldn’t be worth reading.
ponder similarities and differences that involve critical thinking and
looking beyond the superficial. If you’re stuck on what anyone could
notice with even a moment’s thought, you need to go farther with it