On thr basis of the instructions provided below research and write a 1000 word p

On thr basis of the instructions provided below research and write a 1000 word paper that explores the process of decolonization in this country: Rwanda
Begin your research by consulting the following websites:
1. Africa Decolonization Timeline- The Global Syxty
2. Country Profiles-BBC News
3. Country Studies-Library of Congress
These websites provide crucial info about decolonization as well as the history, geography, population, religion, year of independence etc. of the country you chose.
Expand your research using the Encyclopedia Britannica online.. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA
A)Introduce the colonial history of the country, ie. Who colonized it?When?What were they after? What was life like under colonial rule for the colonized and colonizers?
B)Cover the origins of anticolonial independence struggles, i.e. When and why did an organized movement. to overthrow colonialism emerge? What influenced the emergence of these movements?
C)Discuss who the important leaders and organizations were in the struggle for independence, ie Who and what were they? Where did they draw their inspiration from? Were they influenced by other people, ideas, and movements? If so, which ones?
D)Describe how, ultimately, independence was achieved, i.e. Was there a war? Was it a relatively peaceful transition to independence? When was independence achieved?
E) Analyze what your country is currently like i.e. What kind of struggles has your country faced since independence? Can they be tied to their colonial pasts, and if so how?

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