Survey, question, read and review the information in the case study provided. Se

Survey, question, read and review the information in the case study provided. Select the key problems and issues in the case study. Read and review the five case study questions provided.
In addition to answering the case study questions, be sure and establish sufficient background information, relevant facts as well as the most important issues. Be sure and demonstrate that you have researched the problems in this case study.
In addition, each paper should be neatly typed, should use appropriate graphics, and should be approximately 5- 7 pages in length, not counting title page, reference page(s) or appendices. Should be doubled-space, 12 pt font Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, and adheres to current APA guidelines.
As you answer the five case study questions provided, be sure and include specific and realistic solutions or changes that are needed. Evaluate the pertinent segments of the case study. Analyze what is working and what is not working. Support your proposed solutions with solid and substantive evidence including information from the course textbook, discussions and the weekly lessons presented thus far in our course.
Assemble the specific strategies that you propose for accomplishing the solutions. Recommend any further action that should be taken. In essence, what should be done and who should do it and why should they do this?
Assume that you are a member of the senior team of CRR Expatriate Development. On the basis on the case study material and also your wider knowledge of the subject area, highlight what you think should be included in the content of the new ten-day pre-departure program for the 30 engineers and project managers.
Having drawn up your list of the essential elements of this program, (a) explain why you think that each element is necessary, and (b) state how much program time you would devote to each element.
Assuming that you were permitted access to the 40 employees who have already completed their assignments in Mexico, state what further information you would seek from them to help you to design the ten-day pre-departure program.
Case Study Questions for Further Reflection
Highlight what further information you would seek about (a) the 30 engineers and project managers, and (b) their forthcoming assignments in Mexico, before finalizing the design and content of the pre-departure program.
Explain how you would seek to augment the content of a program, such as the one you are proposing, with ongoing cultural training during an expatriate’s assignment.

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