I am working for TD Bank as a data analyst. One of the changes that have recentl

am working for TD Bank as a data analyst. One of the changes that have recently
been announced in our group is changing the SAS scripts we utilized in
producing reports to python scripts. The transition from one programming
language to a different one required a lot of time and effort, which would
provide a valuable opportunity to apply theoretical models to analysis.
Purpose of the change: According to the management, SAS is more expensive and python is open source and easy to read/write/maintain.
The first page will be the executive summary. Then describe the change by answering the following questions ( it doesn’t need to be long). After the description, apply the two from the following change management models (better to be thorough and exhaustive).
Perform an assessment of an organizational change
Assess an organizational change that you were/are personally involved with or have observed. This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to analyse an actual change process through a systematic and concrete application of theoretical models. You are expected to apply change models, use readings and class experience to provide a value-added analysis.a)
Discuss (at minimum) the following:
– Describe the change.
– What was the guiding force behind the change?
– What strategies were employed?
– What barriers to change were encountered? How were the barriers dealt with?
– How well was the change implemented?
– Examine and assess the change agent’s role.
Assess the change in relation to (2 Models ONLY). Apply the models AFTER you have answered the questions.
Beckhard and Harris’ Model
Lewin’s Force Field
Schein’s Model of Change
Bolman and Deal’s 4 Frames

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