In Chapter 12 of your textbook and the videos presented on Blackboard, race and

In Chapter 12 of your textbook and the videos presented on Blackboard, race and ethnicity are presented in detail. When looked at from a sociological perspective, the concepts of race and ethnicity and the consequences of these terms are far more complex than common usage and everyday understanding.
In your discussion posting, first:
1) Discuss from a sociological perspective the difference between race and ethnicity, along with the terms prejudice, racism and scapegoat. Explain how your racial or ethnic identity has played a significant (positive or negative) role in your life?
2) Racial and ethnic stereotypes are everywhere in the mass media (social media, television ads, magazines etc). Surveying some of these mediums, identify racial or ethnic stereotypes in the media. Who were the targets? Which sociological or psychological theories best explain the dissemination of these racial or ethnic representations in the mass media?
3) Post a response to another classmate’s posting, discussing your thoughts of their post in a respectful and thoughtful manner. What stood out to you about their analysis? NOTE: Make sure you answer all parts of the discussion question and that each post and response meet the minimum word count requirement of 250 words for each post and classmate response. Posts that do not have an accompanying classmate response or do not meet the minimum word count requirement will not be graded and will receive a “0” for the given assignment.
General Requirement(s):
Discussion postings are worth 35 percent of your total grade (5 percentage points per post and response)
You are required to first post a response to the discussion board prompt and it must be a minimum of 250 words. Citations, titles, copying questions, references, and other identifying information does not count toward word count.
You are required to use proper grammar and spelling. When using other sources, citations using APA style are required.
Direct quotes are not permitted in discussion postings, therefore you must paraphrase and cite.
You are required to post a response to a classmate. Your post will not be graded unless you do so as well. When responding to a classmate, your response needs to be pertinent and of substance. Stating that you agree or disagree is not sufficient. You must substantiate your responses. Responses must be a minimum of 250 words as well.
Above all, your posts must be respectful and worthy of intellectual honesty, sincerity, and humility.

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