M2 Assignment: Strategic Report Electric Cars The M2 written assignment presumes

M2 Assignment: Strategic Report Electric Cars
The M2 written assignment presumes that you are a strategic business consultant whose client is Ford Motor Company. You will analyze an industry sector and provide Ford with strategic recommendations. You were hired by Ford Motor company to research the electric car industry sector and its standing in comparison to its rivals, particularly TESLA. Prepare a report (also referred to as a strategic brief) for Ford Motors. The report must summarize the electric car industry sector, describe Ford’s competitors, introduce the components of a PESTEL analysis, and describe how the components impact the electric car sector. Relate Tesla’s five forces model to Ford Motor. Lastly, provide a strategy summary to Ford Motor regarding potential strengths and vulnerabilities as they proceed in this market sector. You are expected to engage in research and must cite research references. The strategic report will be assessed for its cogent, yet comprehensive, analysis and its professional format.
Summarize the electric car industry sector (secondary research).
Summarize Ford Motor’s position in the market (secondary research).
Note Ford Motor’s rivals/competitors (secondary research).
Identify the external PESTEL forces impinging on the electric car sector (video)
Relate Tesla to Ford – are the Five Forces relevant for both firms? (video)
Summary Review Develop Strategic Recommendations to Ford Motor (how to proceed)
Assignments should be created and submitted as an attachment in one of the following forms: (MS Word as LastnameFirstName_Course Code_Lesson#_AssignmentTitle
Due: Submit your assignment by 11:55 pm on Sunday of Module 1. Value: 50 points
Rubric for the Evaluation of Assignment: Descriptive Assignment Rubric Estimated time for completion: 120 minutes
M2 AssignmentFordMotorElectricCarsStrategicBrief.pdf
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