General Instructions: For each of the questions below, write an essay of approxi

General Instructions: For each of the questions below, write an essay of approximately 500 words. This means you should write two separate essays. Use quotations from the texts you write about to illustrate your claims.
The exam is open-book; it is designed to assess your ability to work critically with the readings and concepts from the class, not to retain details of plot, character, etc. Be efficient and direct in writing your essays: you don’t need an extensive buildup or introduction to your answers. And do be sure to quote directly from each text to support your points.
Finally, I have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. Your answers should be your own. Do not use outside sources, online guides, study aids, etc. in writing your essays (and remember that paraphrasing without acknowledgment is still plagiarism!). Violations of academic honesty will result in a zero for the exam and particularly egregious cases may be referred for disciplinary action.
The Questions (remember, answer both of them):
Apply one of the three theories of magic we’ve read (James Frazer, Ariel Glucklich, or Alan Moore) to Tracks. Does the representation of magic in Erdrich’s novel fit the theory? Why or why not? Does magic operate in similar ways to what your theorist describes? Does it mean more or less the same thing to characters in the novel as it does in the theory, or does it mean something different (and if so, what)? Quote passages from both the novel and the theory to support your claims.
In the final chapter of Tracks, Lulu is sent off to a government school, returning several years later in the book’s concluding scene. For this “essay” you will craft journal entries that you imagine Lulu might have written during her years at the government school. Draw on your knowledge of the novel, and of the residential school system described in Lecture #8, to flesh out your entries. What might Lulu’s experience have been like? How would life at the school differ from that on the reservation? What kinds of attitudes toward her Ojibwe heritage would she have encountered at the school? How might someone with Lulu’s personality and background have reacted to these conditions? Note: you do not need to write a set number of journal entries, but aim for around 500 words in all.
Please save your responses as a single .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and submit it to myCourses no later than 11:59pm on Friday, June 3. Remember – answer both questions, each in a separate essay (that’s two essays in all).

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