To make a change in practice, nurse leaders must make a compelling argument to s

To make a change in practice, nurse leaders must make a compelling argument to stakeholders about their research findings and recommendations. This assignment is designed to get you thinking about communication strategies that are needed to present potential changes in practice to stakeholders.
Think about the following stakeholder groups:
Organization administrators (e.g., CEO, CNO, supervisors, etc.)
Peer professionals (e.g., other nurses and interdisciplinary team members, etc.)
Patients and families
Consider the following: If you wanted to implement your suggested change in practice, how would you convince people?
Summarize your strategy to gain stakeholder buy-in in a 525- to 700-word paper in which you:
Identify the stakeholders and explain why they would be interested in the research topic.
Discuss the data you would present. Provide rationale that supports the data’s inclusion.
Describe any variance in information presentation based on who the audience is. In other words, would the information you present change or how you present it change depending on who the audience is? Explain why and what would vary from audience to audience.
Explain how your research findings will contribute to nursing practice, education, or leadership practice changes.
Discuss how your research could help future researchers.
Recommend changes based on your findings.
Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed scholarly sources from the University Library.
Cite your sources and format the paper according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
*** Weeks 1-4 assignments attached with research study question and references.***

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