The major assignment for TSL 4081 pertains to working with an Emergent Bilingual

The major assignment for TSL 4081 pertains to working with an Emergent Bilingual. You are responsible for finding someone to work with, preferably at a beginning or intermediate level of English proficiency. The EB can be of any age and level of education. The assignment consists of three part: 1) conducting an initial interview and language assessment with the EB; 2) writing a unit plan of five lessons and conducting two of the lessons with your EB; and, 3) performing an authentic assessment of progress made and reflecting on the experience.
Good teaching starts with getting to know your students. For this assignment, you engage in a conversation with the Emergent Bilingual who has agreed to work with you. Ask s/he about themselves (See “Possible questions for interview” in Canvas Module 2). As you converse, use follow-up questions so that you are conversing, not interrogating! As you discover the interests of the EB, decide with her/him what the content focus of your lessons will be. From the content focus, you formulate the content objectives for the unit.
Ask for permission to record the interview, so you can go back after the conversation to listen carefully to decide the EB’s fluency level (See “WIDA language levels” in Canvas Module 2). Then listen again for specific language areas that need attention (See “Language specifics” in Canvas Module 2). From this data, you formulate the language objectives for the unit.
Write a summary of the interview in which you describe what you learned about your Emergent Bilingual. Consider how the cultural dimensions are reflected in her/his conversation. Include the content and language objectives you’ve determined for your unit plan.

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