Instructions Company: Netflix The Internal Assessment assignment is the fourth

Company: Netflix
The Internal Assessment assignment is the fourth part of your project. This assignment consists of three (3) major parts: financial analysis, IFE, and organizational chart. There is also a Value Chain Section – please see below.
Using the most recent online information you can find-such as government documents, company statements, and other sources, complete a financial analysis on your company. Be sure to include and comment on company profitability level and trending. Three (3) types of ratios are mandatory: Net Income, Quick Ratio, and Earnings per Share; one additional, aka 4th, ratio is your choice. Total of 4 ratios are required).
Each ratio must cover two (2) years.
Highlight (discuss) specific good or bad ratios that help explain the company’s current position in the market. Provide analytical comments for each ratio and cite sources in the APA format. You may include graphs/visuals.
Find and/or construct and include a current organizational chart for your company. If you do not recommend any changes, then explain why. If no change is suggested, be sure to discuss in detail why the current structure is superior to a competitor’s structure in the industry. If you do recommend changes, then created a second version of the organizational chart. Create an improved organizational chart, followed by an explanation of why these changes would improve the company. This will require you to include a discussion on organizational structure and why your structure is superior to the one in place. Cite sources in the APA format.
Complete the (Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix for your company only with ten (10) strengths and ten (10) weaknesses. Provide analytical comments on matrix results (3 strengths and 3 weaknesses) and cite sources in the APA format. Please submit IFE in excel.
Value Chain- 10 points – see below:
Discuss the “Value of the Firm” (aka Value Chain with primary and secondary activities). List 5 primary activities for each Value Chain Category. List 5 secondary activities that support the entire Value Chain of your company. Lastly, list the cost estimates for each Value Chain Category (hint: you have to pull all financial statements for your company, look through them, use your Accounting knowledge to combine the relevant numbers.)
Keep in mind and try to incorporate any or some of the strategic themes:
1.High Technology Entrepreneurship
2.Fostering Social and Civic Responsibility by Organizations and Their People
3.Excessive Work and Its Business Consequences Short and Long Term
4.Global Strategic Mind-Set
5.Innovation as a Strategy in Network Markets
6.Mass Customization as a Strategy
7.Organizational Security as a Strategy
8.Collaborative Strategic Innovation: Web-Based Tools for Customer Involvement in New Product Development
9.Flexible Labor as a Strategy
10.Employee Wellness Programs as a Strategy
11.Career Management and Future Jobs
12.Aging and Work Motivation as a Strategic Action
13.Family-Friendly Organizations and Strategies
14.Remote Leadership Strategies
15. RPA = Robotic Process Automation / AE = Artificial Intelligence
16. Healthy Living
Here’s a link to know about Financial Ratios:
Here’s a link on How to do IFE matrix video:

Below: There will be attatchments showing
IFE Template
Organizational Chart Example
Value Chain example

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