I stated literature as the subject, however it is actually ‘Introduction to Rese

I stated literature as the subject, however it is actually ‘Introduction to Research’.
This is a literature review assignment and should be presented in a patricular manner (i will upload the prescribed template that MUSTbe followed, I uploaded it as screenshots)
The topics of the literature review can be one of the following: the role of e commerce in reducing operational costs for companies (main focus on South African companies); the effect of using monetary incentives to enhance employee performance; the effect of social media on the South African hospitality industry; analysis of the role of insurance companies in driving growth of SMEs; the significance of ecommerce in emerging markets. (I have personally chosen these topics as they relate to the course that I am studying, however i am open to discuss any other potential topics)
I also have a recording that explains some of the topics required by the assignment, which i can send through if you are struggling in any way.
Furthermore, certain topics include page numbers (as you can see in the assignment that I uploaded). These page numbers only provide a little bit of guidance. I will send them through as soon as i receive my textbook.
This is a really big assignment and counts towards 50% of my year mark, so if you are struggling in any way please let me know so i can provide examples that are available to us on request. The only reason I am unable to do it myself is because i have 3 assignments due by the 10th.

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