Hot Topic Infographic STEP 1: Select an interesting, debatable topic from this i

Hot Topic Infographic
STEP 1: Select an interesting, debatable topic from this infancy and toddlerhood that you would like to learn more about. Do some background research, and then find at least two journal articles that provides more insight into that topic. You may also reference information from national organizations that focus on child development (American Academy of Pediatrics, UNICEF, etc.). Here are some topics that have been debated in recent times:
gender-neutral parenting
STEP 2: Pick out some interesting facts from your research. Think about some favorite insights, graphs, or charts. Your objective is to create an interesting visual (think: infographic) so that an outside observer could quickly learn at least three new things by looking at it. It must include at least two images (pictures, charts, and graphs all count as images) and some text. You can present both sides of the “debate” on your infographic (for example, the pros and cons of circumcision), or you can focus on one side Include your references in APA format either at the bottom of the visual or on a separate page.
Please do not feel overwhelmed by creating a visual. You can think of it as making a simplified “poster” about the topic. You may design the poster in any medium you desire, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, or one of the following programs:
Canva is really easy to use and convenient because it has tons of free shapes and designs for you to use.
Infogram is a fabulous tool if you want to include a chart or graph in your infographic. has some great pre-designed Infographic options to work with.
Create your infographic and save it as a pdf (to preserve the formatting). Click on “Submit Assignment” to upload your document, and then click “Submit Assignment”.

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