For this week’s discussion we are going to take a look at Employment Branding.

For this week’s discussion we are going to take a look at Employment Branding. Employment Branding has become an important part of an organizations strategic planning and recruiting processes as well as and many other HR functions. When I was working as a HRIS/Benefits Coordinator, much of my work centered around the consistency of the employment “brand” we were creating for the hospitals, not only in our look, but our offerings and how we were perceived to “take care of our employees”. Does your employer have a distinct employment “brand” it has created? Still not sure what I’m talking about…how about an example!
Have you visited The Container Store in West Des Moines yet? With our new home build this last year, this is one of my go to places! I love organization of my spaces, and my kids enjoy going here too. My husband however…. he couldn’t stand the constant celebrations when a new customer would become a member of their POP! rewards program and found the store to be overwhelming. It is honestly one of my favorite places to wander and shop!! It’s a part of the environment and culture the company and manager’s have created for not only their customers but their employees. As I observed the very busy store on both occasions and the hands-on approach management was taking with their employees, I would want to work there too! Take a few minutes to review the chapter opener on “The Container Store” on page 127 and review The Container Store’s career’s page at the following link: I want you to observe and take note of the strategic planning they have done to create their “brand” and how they share this with employees, and with perspective employees to the organization. They must be doing something right, as they have been recognized for the past 18 years as one of Fortune Magazine’s Best 100 Places to Work! Watch the below video clips too!

Now do you get a sense of why people want to work there!
Now, let’s apply the topic of Employment Branding and to your place or a former place of work, or better yet, a place that you hope to someday work! For your discussion post, describe your employer’s brand terms of the company culture, mission and values, and communication with employees, potential employees and customers. If there doesn’t seem to be any identifiable brand with your personal employer, thoroughly explain how you would develop an employment brand for the organization.
Next, explain how you would communicate the brand in your Human Resource planning efforts. Which recruiting sources would you use and how would each source communicate your employment brand to attract and retain quality employees? Please explain which sites you would use and develop a job description (Look at page 71-chapter 3 for an example) that is appropriate for the culture and brand. Please explain your choices.

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