First: Use the “List of Selected Journals at Reinhert Download List of Selected

First: Use the “List of Selected Journals at Reinhert Download List of Selected Journals at Reinhert” to help you identify a field and a journal in which you would like to search for a QUALITATIVE article. Use an appropriate database to browse among the recent issues of the journal to find a qualitative article that is of interest to you. Be sure to find a qualitative article and not a meta-analysis, mixed methods study, or quantitative study. If you are unsure about whether you have found a qualitative article – reach out to me early to get feedback.
Next: Plan your reading of the article. Read pages 266-282 of Creswell and Poth (2018), review Chapter 15: Reading and Writing Social Research (Babbie, 2017), and review the “Reporting Standards for Qualitative Research” section of Chapter 3: Journal Article Reporting Standards of the APA 7th edition manual. Each of these sources can provide structure and strategy to actively engage with your critique of the article. Draw on different reading techniques in order to get the most out of the article. Use skim reading (while searching for an appropriate article), use scan reading (while getting a sense of the overall article you have chosen), conduct a close read of your article while taking notes and starting to sketch ideas, and use search reading (while writing your paper). As mentioned in Chapter 15 of Babbie (2017), “The key elements to note in reading a research report include theoretical orientation, research design, measurement methods, sampling (if any), and other considerations specific to the several data collection methods discussed in this book” (p. 470).
Finally: Craft a 2 page or less narrative essay that provides a critique of your chosen qualitative article. The paper should adhere to all APA guidelines and include all appropriate references for information presented in the essay.
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