Essay Please answer the question in an essay format. A proper essay form includ

Please answer the question in an essay format. A proper essay form includes an introduction, body paragraphs with your arguments and examples, and a conclusion. Please do not use bullet points or outlines. (One essay for a total of 55%)
What is structural violence and how are individuals affected by it? You should address three things in this essay (each bullet point below could be one or two paragraphs):
Describe two examples of structural violence from two different class readings, focusing on how system-level forces impact the choices available to individual people.
Then, choose one example of structural violence from outside class readings (could be a current event, personal observation, community issue, etc.) and discuss how intersecting forms of class- or race-based structural violence limit individual opportunity. Cite one source about your example – can be from a newspaper, magazine, or academic journal, but needs to be factually trustworthy.
Finally, explain how individuals are often blamed for systemic violence (for example, when the media focuses on individual choices rather than on negative policies or practices), as explained in several readings and in the third ‘Race’ documentary section (around the 9-minute mark). Explain how this “natural order” tendency of blaming individuals shows up in the three examples you cite (two from the readings, one from outside class) and how blaming individuals limits the possibility for political or societal change.

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