Discuss the goals of organizational communication. Describe how interpersonal co

Discuss the goals of organizational communication. Describe how interpersonal communication skills fit into corporate communication in your context (provide an example).
As cited in Iversen, Larsen, and Solem (2019), Butler (1975) defines ageism as “a process of systematic stereotyping and discrimination against people because they are old, just as racism and sexism accomplish this for color and gender. Old people are categorized as senile, rigid in thought and manner, old-fashioned in morality and skills…Ageism allows the younger generations to see older people as different from themselves; thus, they subtly cease to identify their elders as human beings” (p.12).
In their literature review, Giles et al. (2003) provide an overview of how young people either over accommodate or under accommodate elders in intergenerational communication. Think of a particular experience communicating with an elder, or if you consider yourself an elder, think of an interaction you have had with a younger person. Briefly describe the interaction and if you think there was an over-or under accommodation present and why.
Hollins & Govan discuss the overriding impact of the white dominant culture and how white privilege is enabled in organizations and addresses inequity. Provide two ways white privilege is allowed, and two ways to counteract them. What biases related to generational assumptions or norms might contribute to white privilege?

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