Complete the following in a Word document titled “Assessment 1”: You have used t

Complete the following in a Word document titled
“Assessment 1”:
You have used the bind method to configure the order of
network interfaces. This method is deprecated in newer versions of Windows
(Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016). A new method (interface metric) is now
the preferred method. Explain how the interface metric method is configured to
achieve the same benefit as the bind method.
You configured POP3 and IMAP4 settings. Explain both types
of setup and the benefits and disadvantages of using one over the other.
Include an explanation of the connections and ports involved.
Mobile devices, especially smartphones, use Exchange
ActiveSync (EAS) protocol to synchronize data with Microsoft Exchange network
server (such as emails, calendar, and contact information).
Explain two common ActiveSync features used by system
administrators. What are they used for?
Explain how to configure ActiveSync on your mobile Android,
Apple, Windows, or other smart devices to connect to an email account.
A two-page minimum with a title
page, table of contents, headers for each section, and a reference page is to
be included to ensure you understand the topic fully and to receive full credit
you must explain the criteria in the grading report in great detail.
Suggested Resources
The following suggested resources are provided to support
you in completing the assessment or to offer a helpful context:
Interface Metrics
Raymond. (n.d.). 3 ways to modify Windows Route Table to
choose which connection to use.
This is a tutorial on manually changing a Network Adapter’s
Microsoft. (2021). Configure the order of network
This tutorial covers how network interfaces are used in
modern Windows systems.
Oppihle, K. (2016). Persistent binding order commands in
Windows 10. Mirazon.
Apple. (n.d.). Set up Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone,
iPad, or iPod touch.
This is a tutorial on how to set up an iPhone with
Intermedia. (2021). How do I set up a Microsoft Exchange
email account on an Android device?
This tutorial explains how to setup ActiveSync on Android
Microsoft. (2022). Exchange ActiveSync in Exchange server.
This article explains in detail how ActiveSync works.
TechTarget Contributor. (n.d.). Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync. TechTarget.
This article answers in detail some commonly asked questions
related to ActiveSync.

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