Choose one of the following questions and formulate a coherent, thoughtful essay

Choose one of the following questions and formulate a coherent, thoughtful essay that incorporates both the film and the course readings. This paper should be 5 pages in length. Use the attached rubric as a guide to how the paper will be evaluated.
Discuss how the film Golden Door, by Emanuele Crialese, revisits the Italian American diaspora to the United States through the story of the Mancuso family (Salvatore, Angelo, Pietro, and Fortunata) as well as Rita and Rosa. Consider the motivations, dreams, aspirations, and difficulties experienced by these characters as they abandon their Sicilian village to embark on a journey across the Atlantic. In formulating your analysis, refer back to the historical readings of this module and consider the cinematic languages and styles employed by Crialese to narrate his story. Please pay attention to the way characters who differ by age and gender come to terms with “America” as both myth and reality; land of plenty and land of eugenics; cultural loss and psychological nightmare; dream and tragedy.
Examine how the documentary Italianamerican, by Martin Scorsese, provides an imaginary sequence to Crialese ‘s film inasmuch as it recovers the stories of first and second-generation Sicilian families who migrated to New York. Are there similarities between the stories that Scorsese’s parents tell about their ancestors and Crialese’s imaginary characters? How are Scorsese’s own parents– both second generation immigrants and hyphenated Italians — different from the first generation? How are they similar? And what about Martin Scorsese himself? What is his role in the documentary as a third-generation Italian immigrant? As in the previous answer, make sure to relate background historical readings with some of the cinematic concepts you have learned so far as you discuss the documentary.
Submit your essay draft via this assignment tool by June 5 @ 11:59PM. You will receive comments and feedback for improvement by Wednesday of the following week (Week 2), and you will have until June 12 @ 11:59PM to submit the revised version of your paper. You will re-submit your revised paper to – “REVISION of Paper #1”.
Note: This paper is required but you will only receive a score for your revised submission.

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