Short essay formatting: • 4-5 pages double-spaced (approximately 1000 words) • S

Short essay formatting:
• 4-5 pages double-spaced (approximately 1000 words)
• Single and double-sided pages are both acceptable
• Times New Roman, or equivalent style
• 12-point font
• Reference page
• Submit a Word or Pages document, not a PDF
All written assignments: Use the Chicago Manual of Style for the reading summaries,
specifically the “author-date” method noted on the website. An on-line guide can be found
here: Should the link die, find
the manual and other resources at the Archer Library. Or, feel free to use whatever format you
are used to.
Your essay must:
• Identify the central arguments
• Address the strengths, weaknesses, and implications embedded within the
• Provide your insights, not just a summary of the material
Introduction is the most important port and the professor said I will literally just read the introduction so, it should be like
A. Capture reader’s interest
B. Build case through logic
C. Topic sentence/thesis statement
1000 words minus reference page and title page.

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