Module 4 Week 14 Assignment (1 page) Week 14 Questions 1. Discuss steps to reduc

Module 4 Week 14 Assignment (1 page)
Week 14 Questions
1. Discuss steps to reduce global warming and describe where these efforts have been made
2. Suggest who should be responsible for implementing the steps mentioned in question #1 and find a source that describes current efforts in reducing the impact of climate change.
3. What is the estimated level of sea level rise expected to occur over the next 20 years?
4. As migration increases due to climate change, how will global migration affect political debates over states taking a national vs. global focus?
5. Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the electronic revolution, what as aspects of your life that connect with this event?
6. Suggest how organizations could work to ameliorate the negative aspects of the electronic revolution
Module 4 Week 14 Discussion Board( 1page)
Hello and welcome to the week 14 discussion, make sure to complete and post your answers as well as your 2 required replies to classmates by the Saturday June 1st @10pm deadline
1. Watch the YouTube clipDrones and the Future of Farming | National Geographic ( answer: How are Drones helping farmers? What other examples besides drones of modern technology are helping us with age-old tasks?
2. Using what you’ve learned about technology from chapter 11, support an argument for the future of Social Media and what you predict will happen to it or how it will change or change society over the next 20 years
3. Does modern media keep us informed or uninformed? Choose and support an argument and support your work with examples
4. What countries consume the most energy in the world? Which countries use the least energy?
5. What the the renewable energy sources that could replace fossil fuels in your local region?
6. Summarize the “fires of industry” the author describes in chapter 11

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