Course Assignments and Requirements (CNO ETP: 7a,7b, 16 ,44, 66, 67, 68, 69,101

Course Assignments and
(CNO ETP: 7a,7b, 16 ,44, 66, 67,
68, 69,101,104,106a,b,c, 108a, 113a,b,c)
1. College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
CNO provides practice standards and guidelines as well as
government legislation information which will be followed by the both the
student and preceptor.
• Students
are required to review and complete a summary of the following CNO Practice
Standards and Guidelines by accessing the CNO website and reviewing the
learning modules.
• Summaries
must be clearly labeled with title and typed for submission. Reference page to
be included.
• In
point form a minimum of 10 points for each document must be identified to
demonstrate proof that document was reviewed. Students are encouraged to write
summaries in their own words to help with understanding, studying and
interpreting the CNO documents.
Practice Standard and Guidelines:
1. Authorizing
2. Decisions
about Procedures and Authority
3. Professional
4. Therapeutic
Nurse-Client Relationships
5. Conflict
Prevention and Management
6. Confidentiality
and Privacy—Personal Health Information,
7. Documentation
8. Ethics
9. Infection
and Prevention
10. Medication
11. Restraints
12. Culturally
Sensitive Care
13. Disagreeing
with Plan of Care
14. Refusing
Assignments and Discontinuing Nursing Services
15. Working
with Unregulated Care Providers
16. RHPA:
Scope of Practice, Controlled Acts Model
17. Working
in Different Roles
18. RN
and RPN Practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment
19. Consent
20. Guidance
on Nurses’ Roles in Medical Assistance in Dying

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