Assignment: Using at least 6 sources* write a research question, conduct researc

Assignment: Using at least 6 sources* write a research question, conduct research, and make a claim using the Toulmin model on one of the following suggested topics:
Twitter, social justice, call-out culture, political correctness, free speech, cancel culture, calling-in, shame, doxing, fortune-telling, trigger warnings, or any other approved topic related to the readings
Advice: There are several ways to approach this assignment—there is no one correct answer—it all depends on how well you communicate your points. You can focus your essay on one of these topics or find that several of them overlap. Whatever approach you decide to take, make sure you reread the essays carefully and make sure you understand the problem the authors address. Make sure you have a clear thesis to defend, demonstrate your points with concrete reasons and examples, and acknowledgement of opposing viewpoints. You may draw those examples from the course readings; however, you must cite at least 6 sources in your essay, *4 of which must be outside sources from the LBCC databases.
Readings: “How the Online Hate Mob Set Its Sights on Me” by Jon Ronson; “I’m a Black Feminist. I think Call-Out Culture is Toxic” by Loretta Ross; “Why Shame is Good” by Joseph Burgo; “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, and “The Second Wave of “Cancel Culture” by Aja Romano.

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