Article Critique:
Discussion Question Requirements:
Access an article from a journal listed below. When examining the nursing research article discuss the following:
Identify if article has a review of literature.
Determine the purpose of the article.
Describe how information in your article can be implemented into your nursing practice?
Provide your rationale for using this information in nursing practice?
Post the name of the article in APA format along with your responses to the critique questions.
Obtain and critique an article from one of the following journals.
a. AJN: American Journal of Nursing (coverage beginning January 1996)
b. Home Healthcare Nurse: The Journal of the Home Care and Hospice Professional (coverage beginning January 2000)
c. Nursing: The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence (coverage beginning January 2002)
d. Nursing Critical Care: The Journal of Critical Care Excellence (coverage beginning January 2006)
e. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! (coverage beginning September/October 2003)
Your input should be in your own words, demonstrating your understanding, and comprehension of the topic. Information used when formulating your initial post will be from professional nursing journals and/or professional websites. Wikipedia is not a professional website. Use APA format for in-text citations and references.