(Watch the movie Juno 2007 and choose shots from the film to analyze) Assignment

(Watch the movie Juno 2007 and choose shots from the film to analyze)
Assignment 1: 500 words Essay.
Write a critical essay that analyses Juno (2007). Following element must be covered.
1- How the invisibility and basic cinematic elements have contributed to storytelling in this film?
2- People attitudes in relation to their social conditions.
3- Exploring a feminist perspective in Juno.
4- Motivations behind the actions.
5- How Verisimilitude is achieved?
General Instructions
§ Remember, the main purpose of the assignment is to articulate what you regard to be the significance of the work.
§ Be specific and explain exactly what you mean.
§ Provide formal evidence taken from the film to support your argument.
Formatting Instructions
• 500 words do not include your Works Cited list.
• Your essay must be written in 12-point Times New Roman font and your margins must be set at 1”. The assignment must be double spaced, paginated, with no spaces between paragraphs
• Use your name (last name first) as the name of your file (e.g., Taylor, Aaron.docx). Include your name, date, and course number within the assignment as well.
• As the assignment is a research paper, you must include four to five secondary sources within a works cited list. You must also make direct reference to each of these sources within your paper. Papers without secondary sources cited will receive a failing grade.
• References must be from reputable sources, and must include must include (1) an actual, physical book (or e-book), (2) a journal article, and (3) a professionally produced/academic online publication. Please note again that Looking at Movies does not count as a source. Again, extracts from Google books are NOT permitted.
• Before employing a citation, consider whether or not the quote is useful. Ask yourself:
1) Is this citation simply making an unhelpful evaluative claim about the film’s quality?
2) Is this citation simply describing something that I could easily do in my own words?
3) Is this citation doing any work? – i.e., is it in the service of supporting my argument?
• You will be evaluated on the quality of your own observations and ideas, so do not rely extensively on your secondary sources – i.e., do not rehash someone else’s opinion about a film, and keep your citations to a minimum as well as a minimal length (i.e., 5% of your total word count).

Evaluative Criteria for Written Assignments
Criteria for the assessment of essays are as follows:
§ Clarity and cogency of expression and argument.
§ Clear structuring in terms of introduction, conclusion and signposting the ability to adduce appropriate evidence in support of the argument.
§ Competent and correct use of grammatical, scholarly and research conventions.
§ Demonstration of a clear understanding of the key concepts taught on the course the originality, inventiveness and insightfulness of the argument put forward.

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