Watch lecture 6 2. For each of (a), (b), (c), (d),

Watch lecture 6

2. For each of (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e) below, write an answer about 20-40 words long. What
were one or more important concepts or equations the speaker on the video was describing:
(a) between 0:01 and 10:00 of the video?
(b) between 10:01 and 20:00 of the video?
(c) between 20:01 and 30:00 of the video?
(d) between 30:01 and 40:00 of the video?
(e) between 40:01 and the end of the video?
[a] Read the OpenStax Astronomy textbook, Section 3.2 (Newton’s Great Synthesis) and
3.3 (Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation).
Write a total of roughly 50 words that describe each
of Newton’s three laws of motion and the law of gravitation.
[b] Using Newton’s law of gravity, calculate the gravitational force between two small asteroids,
one with mass X kilograms and the other with mass Y kilograms, if their centers are Z meters
apart from one another.
Note: This video (titled “Calculating the
Gravitational Force” from Bozeman Science) may also be helpful.
[c] Is this gravitational force large or small compared to forces you might experience in your
daily life? Give evidence for your answer, citing any sources you use.

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