Unit 2 Assignment – Democracy in Canada And please make it in google slide. Int

Unit 2 Assignment – Democracy in Canada
And please make it in google slide.
As you know, Democracy today is very different from when it was first created in ancient Athens in the 4 th
century BCE. Even today, there are Democracies that exist around the world that operate very differently
from one another. As a citizen in Canada we must understand the meaning and elements of Democracy as it
exists in our country.
People living in Canada have rights and freedoms based in law; at the same time, they have responsibilities
associated with citizenship. To successfully complete this assignment, create a product that represents your understanding of Democracy as it exists in Canada and
how you can participate in Canada’s Democracy.
OPTION 1: Collage
Step 1: Create a collage of visuals (35) and sentences (35) based on the elements of democracy, the rights
and responsibilities of Canadian Citizens and a who is who in Government to explain “What democracy in
Canada means to you?”
Step 2: Write a 150 word summary that explains how you are an informed, engaged and active citizen. Be sure
to include the values and beliefs you listed in your collage and explain what you do as a citizen.
and you should have these for mark
Knowledge : Answer demonstrates a superior knowledge and understanding of the topic (writes in own words, ability to show beyond the obvious understanding, makes own interpretations, and ability to summarize- focus). Answer demonstrates superior intellectual initiative and effort.
thinking: Reflection uses critical and creative thinking skills very effectively – task shows original thought and insight on the topic of global citizenship. Ideas are clear, logical and coherent. The arguments are excellent responses to the question and are supported effectively by a wide range of evidence.
Communication : The language used communicates clearly and precisely. Few to no errors. Style is highly appropriate/effective.
Application : Details selected are varied and insightfully transferred to chosen format: facts, details and style are highly appropriate and the completed product is realistic to the given format; goes beyond expectations.
Application Data is appropriate to the question: All data is relevant to the question; the material has been carefully selected and appropriately answers all aspects of the question.

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