The nurse is often a moral spectator observing decisions made by others and deal

The nurse is often a moral spectator observing decisions made by others and dealing with the patient’s response to those decisions.
Analyze an article about a situation where a decision by a physician, insurance company, government agency or health institution adversely affected a patient or countermanded a patient’s wishes. For this paper, the situation in question should be written about Dax Cowart.
Write a mini-paper of three pages that addresses the following points:
The nurse’s role in affirming the patient’s wishes and risks involved
The social and economic consequences of reversing this decision
Guidance from the Code of Ethics that sheds light on this situation
Guidance from the Spirituality in Nursing which affects the situation
The lessons to be learned for similar future situations
The moral residue that haunts the nurse
The paper should be an APA formatted paper. The components should include a title page, the body of the paper with a conclusion, and a reference page. You will have in-text citations APA cited and you will have the reference page APA formatted. You should have at least three (3) references that support your viewpoint.
Please make sure your work is your own and do not copy and paste from an article. The faculty will be checking plagiarism so please do not plagiarize. If there is plagiarism you will receive a zero on the paper.
I have provided 2/4 references to use, please make sure the other 2 are journal articles published within the last 5 years.
Gerrek, M. L. (2018). Getting past dax. AMA Journal of Ethics, 20(6), 581–588.
Parsi, K., & Winslade, W. J. (2019). Why dax’s Case still matters. The American Journal of Bioethics, 19(9), 8–10.

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