The Assignment: For this paper, you will write about a text (or texts) that we h

The Assignment: For this paper, you will write about a text (or texts) that we have read in this class. This is not a report or summary paper; instead, it is a literary analysis essay about a limited topic/text. For example, maybe you want to write about immigration themes in “The New Colossus” and “La Migra,” or perhaps you want to focus on birth imagery in Frankenstein, or maybe you want to write about gender reversals in The Importance of Being Earnest. Please note that these are just examples.
This essay is due at the end of the semester. You will work your way up to the essay by submitting your topic/tentative thesis and an annotated bibliography of your sources.
At least 7 pages (excluding the Works Cited)
MLA format
At least five scholarly sources (academic, literary criticism articles from library databases or books)
An argumentative thesis (in other words, a debatable thesis about the text)
College essay format
Compelling title
Introduction with hook and thesis
Body paragraphs with topic sentences, textual support (quotations from the story or novel), and analysis
Works Cited
Please see the rubric for grading
For our purposes, a source is considered scholarly if it comes from a library database or a book
You may build on an idea that you discussed in discussions or homework assignments, but you may not write about the poems or short stories that you analyzed for Essay 1 or 2.
Do no recycle a paper from another class (this is plagiarism).
Plagiarized essays will earn 0%.
Due Date: The research paper is due June 2.

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