Purpose: Looking at real-world examples of PR can help you see how the concepts

Looking at real-world examples of PR can help you see how the concepts and theories we’ve been reading about in our textbook apply in the real world. Further, we can see what happens when these concepts and theories are applied correctly and incorrectly and learn from them in our own PR work.
This assignment will help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in public relations:
Identifying examples of PR in action
Applying concepts and theories from the textbook to evaluate the effectiveness of PR tactics
Examining what went well and what could have been done better
Recommending different theories or approaches that would have yielded better results for an organization and its publics
Identifying best practices that can be applied when encountering similar situations in the real world
Citing information properly
Choose one of the following PR crises. Note these links are provided to give you background on the situation; you will likely need to conduct additional research:
The Boeing 737 Max crisis
ABC fires Roseanne Barr after racist tweets
Pepsi pulls ad trivializing Black Lives Matter
Write a 2-3-page analysis that includes the following sections:
Background: Explain what happened. Which organizations and publics were involved in the incident? When and where did this happen? Why is PR needed in this instance? What PR concepts or theories can be used to explain what happened?
Response: Explain what the organization did to respond to the incident, and how the public reacted to the organization’s response.
Critical Analysis: Discuss the effectiveness of the PR tactics that were used. What did the organization do well? What could they have done better and/or differently, and why?
Hints for Success:
Carefully examine the example paper with commentary (below) to see how I want your paper formatted and the level of detail I’m looking for. Your paper should include a title page, headings (use the bold sections identified under Task so it’s clear to me what section you’re addressing) and a reference list, all in APA format.
Use the rubric under Grading criteria as an outline. This will ensure you’ve addressed all the points I’m looking for in each section.
When you cite a source in the body of your paper, you need to include an entry on your reference list and vice versa. Failure to do so is incremental plagiarism and will result in a zero.
Moodle is the ONLY place I will accept assignments. You’ll earn a zero if you email me your assignment.
All written assignments should be saved as Word documents to avoid problems with opening files. Failure to upload a Word doc will result in a zero.
I’m always willing to review your assignments up to 48 hours before the deadline. If you’d like some feedback before submitting your assignment for a grade, please email it to me by 11:55 p.m. MT on Friday night.
Save your file as last_first_case_study_1. You actually need to save your file using this label. When I download your file, I should be able to tell whom it belongs to by looking at the file name.


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