Overview This assignment takes a step away from the Creative Writing Research Pr

This assignment takes a step away from the Creative
Writing Research Project and asks you to look at the research process from a
wider angle. Think of it as “zooming out” from the specific topic you are
researching for the project so that you can look more broadly at how creative
writers in your genre conduct research.
Write a blog post, using an informal tone, to explain
some of the lessons you have learned about creative writing research—either
from this class or from formal or informal learning outside of this class. The
post should be the equivalent of 1-3 single- or double-spaced pages in a Word
document. (See “Two ways to submit,” below.) Your intended audience should be a
less experienced writer in your genre. The goal of this post is not to share everything
you know about research, but to give some basics that would help a new
researcher get started. You are not required to cite sources in this
assignment, except in the “Where can I find more information?” section
described below.
Your post should include the following sections (You
may rename these to suit the tone or theme of your post):
How do I know what I need to
research? This section should include advice for planning and
narrowing down a research project, as discussed in Module 2 of this course.
Where do I find sources? In
this section, give some tips for searching, including places to look (websites,
databases, publications, etc.) that are especially helpful in your type of
How do I know if a source is credible
and appropriate for my project? Make sure you address
both criteria: general credibility and appropriateness for the specific
How do I incorporate sources into my
writing? Give advice on using the information you find. For
example, how do you let your research inform your writing without overwhelming
the reader with detail? Since academic-style citations typically aren’t used in
creative writing, what are some ways that a creative writer can give credit to
Where can I find more information?
In this section, provide the names and authors of two or more resources for
further reading, with brief explanations of why they are useful. If the sources
are online, include working hyperlinks. In this section, please also include
the names and authors (and hyperlinks if applicable) of any sources you
consulted in the creation of this blog post.
Additional required components:
A creative and informative title. If
you can’t think of a title, “A ___________’s Guide to Research” is a good
formula—e.g. “A Science Fiction Author’s Guide to Research,” “A Poet’s Guide to
A short introduction
Section headings
Optional components:
· Images
· Text
features such as bullet points or pullout quotes. In
other words, you do not have to write the entire post in paragraph form.
Two ways to submit
Option 1:
Create an actual blog post, using a blog you already have or one you start for
this assignment. (WordPress is a free and easy-to-use blog platform.) You can
either make the post live or save it as a draft, as long as the instructor can
access it. To submit the assignment, paste the link into a Word document and
submit it to Canvas.
Option 2: Write your post in a
Word document and submit it as you would a typical assignment

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