Need assistance revising paper for the final term discussion post. Origional pie

Need assistance revising paper for the final term discussion post. Origional piece was deducted two points due to lack of appropriate reference and citation(s) (The APA Manual is not an appropriate reference or citation for this assignment). Please help elaborate on identifying the ehtical problem at hand and the step by step process of which one would take to reach a clear conclusion (the post must be mininum a half page longer). The class and overall topic are below followed with the situation given to solve for the discussion post. Rules for Referencing and Citations are at the end. I will be attaching my origional post along with the rubric pdf.
HSA 3191 Healthcare Automation and Technology
Program Learning Outcome: Evaluate compliance of legal, ethical, risk management, or
financial requirements
For this assignment, please consider the following situation:
You are a health information manager in a financially troubled acute care hospital, responsible
for coding functions. The hospital’s administration has retained an independent consultant who
has promised to increase the hospital’s financial reimbursement under Medicare. The consultant
recommends that your staff be more aggressive in applying diagnostic codes in order to elevate
reimbursement. Furthermore, the consultant shares with you methods that can be used to avoid
detection of the aggressive coding scheme. You believe this more aggressive approach is, at
minimum, inappropriate – and at worst, illegal. You have further learned that the consultant’s fee
is based in large measure on a percentage of the hospital’s increased reimbursement under
Medicare. Identify the ethical challenges and discuss how you would handle this situation.
1. Please create an original discussion post to discuss each step in the process you
would follow if you were confronted with this situation. Your original post should be in
paragraph form and equivalent to a 1.5-page, double-spaced document in length (and without
lists, bullet points, or errors related to
spelling/grammar/writing/punctuation/formatting/reference/citation, etc.).
References and Citations
Students are discouraged from using direct quotes from other sources in their submitted written
work. You are expected to synthesize the information you have read and present it in your own
words. Remember to provide citations and references for any and all work you have reviewed.
All sources cited must also have a reference. All sources referenced must have at least one
citation. All citations from the course textbook must also include the page number.

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