Interview a leader in your organization or another organization. If certain rest

Interview a leader in your organization or another organization. If certain restrictions prevent you from having a face-to-face interview, please reach out to your faculty member.
Obtain a signed consent form from the interviewee. You can send the consent form via email and have the interviewee sign, scan, and return it to you via email. You will be placing the signed consent form in an appendix for the assignment.
Include the following questions in your interview. You can add additional questions of your own if you choose. You will be including the questions and responses in an appendix for the assignment.
What can leaders do to inspire teams to perform at their best?
What challenges do you face in maximizing team performance? What do you do to alleviate these challenges?
What are the top 5 leadership skills for successfully building and leading teams?
How do excellent leaders develop followership?
What are some important decision-making strategies that leaders might use? Which of these strategies do you feel is most effective and why?
What are some ethical concerns faced by leaders? How might you deal with these ethical concerns?
In qualitative research, when the data from interviews are analyzed and the findings discussed, the researcher will use some quotes from interviewees to validate the discussion. You will do this in your synthesized discussion, as described below.
Write a 350- to 500-word synthesized discussion on team leadership based on this week’s readings and your interview. Note: The focus of this discussion should be on team leadership, not the interview process.
Include the interview questions and responses in an appendix as a list or tablet. You need to use some interview responses in your synthesized discussion to validate the information from the readings.
Cite the interview responses as personal communication per the APA manual.
Include the signed consent form in an appendix.
Tip: You may find it helpful to locate a qualitative research dissertation in ProQuest to gain additional insight on reporting findings and how researchers provide quotes from interviews.
Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources. You may use your textbook or the selected resources from the University Library. Do not limit yourself to the selected resources as the University Library has a wealth of peer-reviewed sources for your research.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines using the APA Paper Template Doctoral 7th Edition.
A well-structured scholarly paragraph contains a minimum of 5 sentences. Please refer to the MEAL Plan document as a guide.
Include APA-formatted in-text citations and references.

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