Instructions For this assignment, you will fully develop your research paper for

For this assignment, you will fully develop
your research paper for this course, which you outlined in the week 2
assignment. ( this is attached)
Write a graduate level research paper on
the two domestic extremist or terrorist organizations with in-depth profile of
both groups and compare and contrast them. You will also address counter
violent extremism programs and techniques that you think would help address
both types of threats. As with the week 2 assignment, one group must be right
wing, and the other left wing. So, you will be writing a research paper that provides a description of each
organization including their ideology, goals & objectives, political
actions, propaganda techniques, and specifics of their violent actions. You
must also address their recruitment and radicalization process. While profiling
each group, or towards the end of your paper you will compare and contrast the
two selected groups. Finally, you will address counter violent extremism
frameworks that your research indicates would be effective against both groups.
As mentioned in the week 2 assignment, we
are looking only at extremists inspired by domestic causes within the U.S.,
from both the left wing and right wing. The FBI generally describes domestic
extremist causes or ideology by listing the following threat categories; and
you will pick one group from each of these 2 categories:
Right Wing: selected Patriot Front
Left Wing: selected Antifa
Assignment Components:
You should have already completed research
question, a purpose statement, and a reference list in week 2 of this course.
Next, you will complete the body of your final research paper. Your paper will
need to consist of the following: Outline with this information is attached
I. Introduction and Research Question
(~1 page): The purpose of an introduction is to indicate the subject
of your paper and make your point of view clear. An effective introduction also
grabs the reader’s attention and communicates what they will know or understand
after reading your research paper. A required element for this to be a
‘research paper’ is to include your research question right up front in your
introduction as well as the purpose of the research. Research Question: How has America’s political
polarization affected domestic terrorism?
II. Review of the Literature (~4-5
pages): All research projects include a literature
review to set out for the reader what knowledge exists on the subject under
study and helps the researcher develop the research strategy to use in the
study. A good literature review is a thoughtful study of what is written, a
summary of the arguments that exist (whether you agree with them or not) and
are arranged thematically. The literature review is not an annotated
bibliography and should be written in coherent narrative style. Yes, the
sources you included in your Week 2 assignment should be included in the
literature review for the final assignment. It is expected that you would have
added more sources to those presented in Week 2. You should be thoroughly
familiar with the sources you chose by this point. (must include resources from attached outline and add
to them.)
III. Body of your Research (3-4
pages): Answer the topic areas described above (highlighted in green above) giving in-depth
profiles of both groups, comparing and contrasting them, and also addressing
countering violent extremism.
IV. Analysis and Findings (1-2 pages): This
section provides the results of your research and the analytical arguments the
paper makes as a result of an analysis of the variables, which in this study is
the information and evaluation you found on both your extremist groups. This
section should also provide the evidence that addresses your research study
question(s) and fulfills the purpose of the research. As information is
collected, researchers strive to make sense of their data. Generally,
researchers interpret their data in one of two ways: holistically or through
coding. Holistic analysis does not attempt to break the evidence into parts,
but rather to draw conclusions based on the text as a whole. For example,
researchers make inferences from entire sections of their study’s protocols,
rather than searching through the transcripts to look for isolated
V. Conclusions (~1-2 pages): This
section will contain the concluding analytical arguments based on what the
research has revealed to answer the research study question(s). Like any
conclusion, it should provide a synopsis of the project, the strategy, and the
results and what they add to the body of knowledge. This section should also
offer suggestions for avenues of future research for other scholars, as all
knowledge is evolutionary.
VI. References: This
section will contain all references, cited in APA format, properly indented, and alphabetically
arranged. Your paper must contain a minimum of 10 scholarly reference sources such as
peer-reviewed journals. Entitle this section as
“References” following the parenthetical and reference citation
format style within APA. You should be compiling sources and adding to them as
you gone along throughout the semester. They should be error free!

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