Instructions: Answer three prompts from the five prompts listed below. You are a

Answer three prompts from the five prompts listed below. You are allowed, and encouraged, to utilize all materials from the class, both lecture and readings, to respond to the prompts. Answers are expected to thoroughly engage with prompt: identify key terms, explain the concepts you are using, and cite relevant sources to defend your arguments. Answers should each be 2-pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.
Each answer will be graded based on clarity, precision, and inventiveness.
• Clarity refers to the ease of reading. Does the syntax/grammar distract from the content being provided? Does the paper provide topic sentences that summarize the claims? Does the evidence have a clear connection to the claim? Tip: Read back your sentences out loud after writing them to help test readability.
• Precision refers to the accuracy to source material. Do the references to source material apply a reasonable description? Does the paper contain the various checkpoints in the outline? Does the paper use unnecessary language? Tip: Avoid beginning sentences with referent pronouns (it, its, them, their).
• Inventiveness refers to the creativity in argumentation. Does the paper show some element of novelty? Do the connections between claims and evidence express additional meaning to the source material? Does the language utilize different tropes to the source material? Tip: Consider how the language explain abstract concepts into more concrete terms (metaphor, simile, ect).
1. Explain the areas of contention between the Sophists and Socrates about rhetoric. How does Aristotle resolve the debate between the Sophists and Socrates?
2. Examine the following speech:
What is the goal of the speech, and what type of speech does the speech fall under? Explain. How effective is the speech? Explain using the three rhetorical proofs.
3. Choose a side in the debate between which pet is preferable between Cats and Dogs. Explain how you are defining preferable and an argument you would make for your side. Using your argument, illustrate the parts of the Toulmin Model in action.
4. Analyze the picture and Identify at least two of the five pairs of symbolic action for visual rhetoric. How does the symbolic action of the image relate to goals or beliefs behind the image?
5. What is Fisher’s critique of the Rational World Paradigm, and what alternative does he provide?
Explain key features, limitations, and presumptions.

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