I want from you to write for me scientific reflective paper about the Biostatist

I want from you to write for me scientific reflective paper about the Biostatistic course and include my answers about thesa questions to be the informations that you use in your writting
– How much did you know about the subject before we started?
My knowledge was only limited to my information that I have been taken it in under grade level, it was basic informations
– What problems did you encounter while you were studying this course?
The most problem that I have faced was the dealing with mathematical equation and SPSS software
– What resources did you use while working on the problem?
I try to use the book its name : “elementary statistics – step by step- 8th Edtion for Bulman ‘ and also I try to see the explainations that I found it in youtube and other plateform.
– Which ones were especially helpful? Which ones would you use again?
The book was more confident and the Vidoes in youtube was more easier to make fully understanding
What part of this course you like most and why?
The most part was the prevention activity and practical session for SPSS because it more better to memorize
– What did you learn from this course?
I learned more about the types of hypothesis, types of study groups, and the practical techniques to use SPSS software
– Did you do your work (presentation) the way other people did theirs?
Most of it
– in what ways did you do it differently?
I used more infographic chart and figures with presentation skills that include voice control and body language.
– If you were the teacher, what comments would you make about your presentation?
No hands on activity, my presentation will be better if I add hands on activty to practice the
– One thing I would like to improve upon is ?
More learning and training about mathematical equations and their relation with SPSSsoftware.
How you are going to apply this learning in you Doctor of science course?
I will apply what i learn in my final doctorate dissertation
– What you are going to do in future to further develop this learning or meet any gaps on knowledge and skills?
Attend workshops, read the scientific books and article and ask the specialists and

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