Discussion: Cost Estimation and Profit Planning · Submit a thread of 400

Discussion: Cost Estimation and Profit
a thread of 400-650 words directly addressing the discussion question below.
very close attention to your APA Formatting as you will lose points for every
error! Refer to the APA website’s guide if necessary. Don’t forget the running head.
course material and demonstrate critical thinking, above average writing
skills, and reflection.
the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business
at least 2 journal articles for the discussions
+ textbook + biblical integration = 4 total sources.
Biblical integration in response to each question posed and in the analysis of
each peer’s post
is worth little unless it is supported by quotes and/or paraphrases from the
textbooks and professional journals.
Discussion Question:
1. When are companies likely to use a job
costing system or process costing system?
2. Describe the specific characteristics of
each costing system.
3. Provide at least 2 examples from companies
in your community for each system (at least 4 companies should be described). (Please use the companies listed below)
Job Costing Examples of local companies:
1. B&D Construction Services
2. Sir Speedy Printers
Process Costing Examples of local companies:
3. Graphic Packaging Paper Mill
4. Louisiana Plastics Industries
Possible Textbook quote:
“Costing is the process of accumulating, classifying, and
assigning direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead costs to
products, services, or projects.”
Blocher, E. J., Juras, P. E., &
Smith, S. D. (2022). Cost management: A strategic emphasis. McGraw-Hill.

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