Digital Poem – Midterm Assignment Choose one of your original poems that you enj

Digital Poem – Midterm Assignment
Choose one of your original poems that you enjoy reading out loud.
Practice saying it out loud over and over and over again until you not only like the words but you also like the way they sound.
Record yourself reading it out loud.
Use a video-making application (or iMovie) or any other video-editing software (I’ll provide some ideas) to make an accessible Digital Poem with all of the following elements:
Visual element (could be video clips, art, photographs, abstract, live-action, animation, etc. Whatever visual you think works best with your poem).
Audio element (the best quality audio recording of you reading your poem out loud).
Textual element (somehow incorporate the actual words of your poem—some authors just have them scroll up or to the left, or bring them up as whole stanzas. Whatever you want to do, but please make it so it’s accessible for a person who is hearing impaired to still be able to read your poem.
Feel free to get creative and add anything else you’d like—music, actors, drawings/paintings, etc.
After you are done making it and posting it to share (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), then you will write a formal self-reflection about the experience you had creating this Digital Poem, and write in detail about each choice you made (images, music, colors, etc.). Reflect about all the decisions you made, and why you made them, and whether you had a target audience in mind when you made this, and share anything else about your experience creating your Digital Poem. (Please note: It is important that this self-reflection is written after it is made because otherwise you are just guessing at how it will turn out, not analyzing what you have already created.)
(Also note: If you would prefer, you can share your Digital Poem with the privacy setting on so that only people with a link can ever find and watch it. You don’t have to make it public if you don’t want to, but you are welcome to do that, too.)
Your Digital Poem, along with your formal written reflection about your experience creating it, will be due to the Assignments folder by 11:59pm on July 4th.
*Your written reflection should be in MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, proper heading, etc.). It should be a minimum of 3 pages long. You may use First Person point-of-view (“I,” “me,” “my).
I need it to get done by 13 of this month so I can send it to her to give me a feedback.

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