Descriptive Statistics & Data Displays The attached files for the assignment are

Descriptive Statistics & Data Displays
The attached files for the assignment are:
SPSS data set
Assignment #2 Model
For Assignment #2, you need to download and open a data file that
is attached, titled “survey.sav.” Below are your steps:
analyses in SPSS on THREE variables (one nominal, one ordinal, and
one interval/ratio) to obtain appropriate descriptive statistics (e.g.,
measures of central tendency, dispersion, and distribution). Be sure
to choose appropriate descriptive
statistics for each variable, separate and independent of one
out the key descriptive information (e.g., mean, median, mode, standard
deviation) in the body of the text, and not just include the tables and
not write about them. Also include a clear rationale or justification as
to why each of your three variables is nominal, ordinal, interval, or
appropriate and useful data displays (e.g., histogram, bar graphs, pie
charts) for each chosen variable. (Be sure to include the percentages and
raw numbers within the graphs for the pie charts and bar graphs. See Model
or paste your SPSS output into a Word document and write up the
results of these analyses as they would appear in a research
report. Use the APA 7th manual or the OWL at Purdue for
formatting guidance. Be sure to discuss your analyses.
a paragraph (200 to 400 words) at the end of your paper to address
why exploratory data analysis (or a descriptive analysis of the
variables) is a critical part of any statistical analysis. The
explanation must include key concepts and course citations from Module
3: Readings and Resources to demonstrate your

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