Chemistry Link to Health: You will prepare a power point presentation from any o

Chemistry Link to Health: You will prepare a power point presentation from any one of the following
topics for your CAP 5 assignment:

Measuring Blood Pressure [pg 262]

Pressure-Volume Relationship in Breathing [pg 266]

Hyperbaric Chambers [pg 278]
Choose one of the above topics, read about that topic from the pages listed and explore more
information on the topic via the internet. Prepare a power point presentation (consisting between 6 to 15
slides) on the topic that you have chosen and read. Your power point presentation must be informative,
and provides information that define the topic, as well as answers the what, who, where, how and why.
For example, if you choose “Measuring Blood Pressure” as your topic, your power point slides could
[be creative] cover the following:
(i) Define (provide some information) blood pressure? Systolic, Diastolic, etc.. (10 points)
(ii) What device(s) is/are used to measure it? Who measures blood pressure or Where can you obtain
blood pressure measurements? (10 points)
(iii) How is blood pressure measured or how does it work? (10 points)
(iv) Why is the knowledge of blood pressure useful/important. The applications or benefits of measuring
blood pressure (i.e. what is it used for, etc…) [10 points]
(v) Include some pertinent photos/images to enhance the effectiveness of your power point presentation.
*All photos/images used must be referenced. If the photos are taken by you, reference yourself. [5 points].
(vi) References – Your work (information, materials and images or photos) must be referenced following
either the ACS (American Chemical Society) Style or APA Style, depending on your field of study. I
have uploaded both the guidelines (ACS Style Guide and APA Style) in pdf that you should use for
citation guide.

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